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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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straight ahead sex he had outrage. >> ihowas white people w decided that blacks could be free. it was men who decided tha women could vote. it was straight people who decided that gays could marry and it will be people who the decide of trance people in america. >> meeting in fairfax county gets emotional after the school board votes in favor of a controversial new policy w. sot will your kids be learning when the head back t the classroom next year? aly mom said oh my god i think that jroller coastert derailed and we ran overe there, and by just looked like ay wire. >> roller coaster horror. a car derails mid ride sendingig riders plu to the ground. this morning, several people are in the hospital. we'l have the very latest. zero tolerance. lawmakers and the nation divided over an immigration policy
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tearing families apart. but while protesters hit the streets and social media, the white house is showing no signs of budging. we'll tell you why. pu that means good day dc hits the road. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're here in lexington par parks, maryland with our good friends. zip trip edition of goo day at 9a starts now! ♪ ♪ >> heyhere. >> good mning. we're coming to youom live fr st. mary's county, maryland. lexingto park o a beautiful morning. beautiful group of people.rf >> wul people. and you know what's really great allison texted me and said shy to brandy for me. brandy is one of our loyal fox5 twitter errs and she kind of intercts with us.
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i also met pete who als interacts with quite a bit. y's been m friend on twitter he always tweets me whenevers th a snowstorm or rainstorm. collect out this place in st. mary's countyif. hise works at the hospital here 40 years and he's standing right there with the washington nationals hat on. hi, pete. pete is right now going -- under ing chemotherapy he played his way outut here to say hello. >> the colors if're seeing the colors behind us, they're leing presented by leonard h junior navy academy. [ applause ] >> their motto is the future begins h we thank them for coming out this morning as well. >> great communityffort here. i've been running around to a lots of food establishments i've eaten so much food i'm having laughter ]walking. >> hony and ien't gotten a crumb. >> it hasn't gottet our a coupls we'll be talking to. just quickly we'll get back to main business here. g weather looreat today. mid 80s foraytime highs.
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bright sunshine, lowumidity it's g to get hot by the end of the week for father's day. what are you doing for father's day? >> um, i'm having brunch. >> okay. what about you? >> make se do you it indoors. >> it will be in the 90s. >> upper 90s around here monda and tuesday. 'll have more from lexingtgwe u. littlepa bit. right n g back to youuys in the studio. >> all right. thank you looki good out there. lexingtonark showing many many off. good job. good day d.c. it is 9:03 on ts frid morning. we're glad you're with us today. we have some big stories to get to right now ato 9:00. let' that right away leading the way a child abuse scandal at a daycare in prince william county. today that daycare i due to shut down. in just a fhe minutes tan a you had coo of sexually assaulti children will g before a judge. fox5's bob barnard is live outside the crthouse in manassas this morning with more. good morng,ob. >> reporter: hey, maureen, good morning to you. thisr. boykin due in court at he is facing 22 felony charges related to this chibuse
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scandal at minnielandcademy. h faces faces the possibility oe in priso. he's the teaer's aid who was arrested weeago accused of inappropriately touching four children each of them under the age y of fivers old at the nursny school bristow. these are allegations that took place in the playground at the nursery school subsequently, it was found that was allegedly in possession of child pornography. he'seen accused of making sexuallsexually explicit involve children there at theay dre center. which today officially closes. the families who haveen their ch there had been given weeks notice to either place their children in other nursery schools owned and operated by minnieland academy here in northern virginia, or to go some place else. not suret's happening with all the staff members there. but we've been over at the
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minnieland acade and really were no parents comin ogr be. sopen todayut closing after today and it looks lace the e is pretty much emptied ylor boykin due in court today today. what we believe will happen in court todayha ist a trial date will be set. this is a case we've been following for weeks now. and this is anay important in the developments of this ce. guys? . bob bar thank you., well after amara thon meeting last night the fai county school board approvege chan to the county's sex education curriculum. the district will now strike references toiological sex and replace those references with sex assigned atirth. also, schools will now include contraceptives and let students know h aboutiv prevention drug called prete suppor of the new policy say it's moreyhe fleck tiff human experience but tho against the changes say its too far without teaching kids enough about health risks and
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abstinence at times public testimony got heated and demotion al. biological sex is the medically and biological accurate term to use when rerring to a person's sex which includes chromosomes, hormones and intern and external reproductive organs a person's sex is not something that is assigned. >> it was white people who decided tha blacks could be free. it was men who decided that women could vote. it was straight pple whodecidedd it will be people who decide the fate of trance people in ameri . americ >> the board also voted to change language in the county's dress code policy to make it more gender neutral. so referens likeleavage, midriffs and blouses versu just tops wile eliminated.he supporters pus for the change because they say the current one unfairly targets girls. let's check the morning briefing right now. we'll talk about news here in washington on thel. hil trump administration's zerothe
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tolerae policy on illegal licy separated hundreds ofrenpo. children fromen their par at the us mexicoe border. administration says the action isig desd to keep illegal immigrants from entering the united states and has no signs of budging despite nationwide and social media protests. yesterday attorney general jeff sessions even used a quote from the bible to defend zero torance rules. the other bigry the whiteho. director of the fbi says thel agency make changes to ployee training in the wake of inspectoror general'st about the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. the report find any evidence of political bias on the part o james comey did identify errors of judgment and violations of policy and called his actions subordinate. he responded saying he respected the report and suprted the investigation but disagrees with some of the findings. text messages in ex inc change between to tim neighbor agents ied taking action to stop
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candidate trump's campaign. the inspector general will test ty about report on capitol hill on t monday. he meantime, hillary clinton many responded to the report and the fact that apparently james comey used a private e-mail account while investigating her for the samehi t sarcastic yweet simply saying but e-mails which has almost half a million likes. ♪. all r let's talk about day two of theo world cup actwhich is already unr way right now eg and uruguay are battling it out in group a action. nextp it's morocco taking on iran. then portugal versus spain you can catch all the action right here on fox5. coverage begins at1am now the pre-game coverage begins at 10:0 a.m. this where you have to listen up and you haveo listen very t mreeallnsfuy good day at 10a we'll move over to fox5 plus. you won't want to miss it because we have great show that he on t way. also, our u.s. o coverage begins on fox5 at 4:30 meaning you can catch 5ur:00 o'clock
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newscast on fox5 plus. >> couple greatep options. ket here and watch soccer tr switch overo fox5 plus and continue to watch our showar stng at 10:00 o'clock. >> we have cheryl lynn. >> freddie jackson. >> you are my lady.>> um-hmm. >> okay. >> tasty le. >> there you go. 9:09 democrats ren cans put down their differences for game of baseball last night. and even though it was a blow out it was still a major victory for representative ste scal we'll have highlights from the game coming up. >> first though we're headed ba down to electioning ton park for a look at the fiveust southern maryland town. to the 9:09 now. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time.
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♪ hey, welcome back. eck it out. this could be yours right here this beautiful acura c ride in style this summer with fox5 zip trip goo now through august 19thav and you h to enter for your chance w tin a two year lease on a new 2019 ura tlx5ts finalisill be
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you can enjoy playing on this 1r housing sub division it's fairways are lined with trees and t empty rhat can challenge anyone. ♪ numberr, elms beach park head off the beaten path to 500 fe of shore line along the chesapeake bay. enjoy the beautiful views of this peaceful space or go for a swim. number three, nicolette park. lots of activities for the family here. take the kids to beat the heat this summer at this cool spray ground. they'll love running throu the rainbow arch and super. spray enjoy picnicking orut check the skate park. number two, the united states color troops morial nument at lancaster par. this bronze statue is a tribute to the u.s. colors t of st. mary's county who served in noring two troops awarded medals of honor.
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sergeant james h. harris and private william. bonds. over 600 u.s. color troops fm st. mary's count served in the war number one, patuxen naval air museum and visitorca center ted outside of the naval air station poe sucks sin river this privately funded museum will be sure to wow you. museum first opened in 1978 and now spans three buildings. navalseal theistory o aviation through artifacts, books and even a night line with 221 of a kind aircraft. those are five must stops when you ome do you know lexington park in st. mary's county. now we want to tell you would you a big event that's taking place here right here in lancaster park tomorrow it is the 15th annual tuneeeth celebration joining us to talk about it michael brown who is the president o the unified
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committee foran afro americ contributions. good to see you. you.od to see >> 15 years and going strong. that's great. >> going strong. yes, we are. it's been d a pleasuroing this. growing every year. it's free to the community. everyb dy need to comeown and see this. >> for those who are unfamiliar with the whole concept tell usll what it's a about. >> june teeth is a celebration when slaves were free in america in 1865. and it's been celebratedor f 165 years. and we'veontinueed this tradit5n for 1 years in k.xington p >> um-hmm. >> my dad started it and i've continued the celebration >> and your dad was he the founder of the park? >> no, he was not. a man named john g lancaster the onlyfrican-american commissioner of st. mary's e park is named after him. >> gcha. your dad started -- >> my dad started the organization. >> okay. so tell us what's going to be happening tomurrow during the se of the day. >> it's free like i said. we going to have gpel music, stacey lat sole will be here.
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we're having man from waington, d.c. named archie jazz musician. al type of gospel music free moon bounce, pony rides everything. ta it's all day itrts at noon, right. noon.rts at es till 8:00 o'clock. >> you've got a good day for it. tomorrow will be a pretty nice day. >> the weekend of the year. good weekend. it's going to be a great great day. tell everydy to come out and visit us. >> absolutely great. michael brown thank you very much for talking to us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> tomorrow the june teeth celebration 15th annual eventk in land cast in lexington park. annie, back to you. more coming up in just a minute. hey, thanks souch, tony. all right. n if you've with us all morning long and you're like, hey, i'd like to one daye in st. mary's county, we got you covered we've got carl, a realtor here fran zen realtor'v ink. carl you been doing this in
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st. mary's county f over 30 years. >> i hate to admit but i have been. really not that old. >> you reallou know y stuff. and you know one of the things that people kee saying is, i lived outside in the city for many many years and worked b out thut then i decided to make this area home because you get the quaint tranquility of, you know, just country life. a ltle slower paced. so you've selecte some homes for us that people can csider. let's startith the first one. >> absolutely. i selected three houses that kind of represent three price points ttou suggested. so the first one is a house at 49510 captains court in dam moron maryland. 299.999. 0,000. >> you don't see those numbers up where w are. >> right. >> the thing that'kind of unique about it it's on 3.69 acres. >> wow. it's a500 square foot rambler, three bedrooms two baths, two car garage, front porch, rear deck.
9:19 am
got a lot o nice features. been upgraded with nice kit, appliance, got a vaulted ceiling, great room concept. >> when you have big land like that, i would assume down here you could even maybe have some horses. >> you could have some horses. in community where there's f somem instead lots, and ere are a number of residents there in tni commu that have horses. one of the a nice thingsbout it also and you find that a lot in st. mary's county this house also has community access to the chesapeake bay.>> right. >> so there is an access point not a peer or anythingike thatad launch kayaks or go down and have ac picni >> our next home is a home that you can maybe even store a boati in. i t i saw that. >> well that b woulde the third house. but the seconds house ind of middle of the road for us. it's 23959 meredith court and th 519.9. ccustom's, um, more of home. little bit larger a little over .,000 square feet
9:20 am
three levels walk out basement three car garage, um, a lot of o-story family room. a lot of room overlooking the family room. >> tt's nice. >> extensive tech, decking hot tub. 2 acres and we found a lot in acreage that's a little bit north of lexington in between leonardtown and lexington park. >> finally our last home. >> last house at 44476 white stone place. 825. that's a waterfront hse. so in the 700 to $900 million range you find a lot of water front. when youn get up to price point but this is on a smaller lot. over 4,000 square feet. it's been designed for the water hasss, walled glass looking ought over the potomac river. >> that's so nice. >> extenve decking. with unencumbered views of the waterfront. but i also is in a pla w communhich makes it unique it has tidal basin that's
9:21 am
created a marina c so ites with a slip and i has a boat lift it a has pool. it has a tennis cou and it has storage area. >> wouldn't even need to leave. >> community fees or $1,600 a year for all of that. >> that's fantastic. >> beautiful prorty. >> 825,000. the last one. >> 825,000. yup. >> guys as i toss it back to you i think if we all pitched in a about $150,000 each, we could buy this home together and then take turns enjoying it. >> right. >> great retreat. >> tt's a g plan. >> i know. a>> thanks,ie. >> beautiful area.'r >> yeah, you weekend, right. >> that's right. >> but only one person should get the bill and that would not be me. >> just putting it out there. >> 9:21. coming up paying it forward. might get a little messyhis morning. >> right, al. >> i'mre prepared. you sure you're ready. >> yes. we'll hete all the dls for you coming up later. erin w ot are you worn this morning. >> um canning up in headlines roller coaster derails sending riders plummeting to the ground. more on that terrifying accident coming up.
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plus, talk about aome back back. representative steve scalise making a play of the game one year after the day after getting shot during a congressional baseball practic. and later, the pride of pittsburgh living legend jeff gold blink blum leaving a permanent mark onod hol. we have those stories and morck when we che what else is that's next.ines. ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪as long as the suns up... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪as lo♪whoaaa-oooaaaaup... ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last. althe thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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visit both parks for only $30 per day.
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♪ time right now 9:24 on a friday. whoop whoop morning. erin como is back with a collect
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of the other stories making headlines now. good morning. >> gd morning, allison. that's right. we made it to friday. we're beginning inloouth fda where a summer night on the boardwalk ina d beach turned horric. last night the front car on roller coaster called the sand blaster ing two riders plummeting more than 30 feet to the ground below. there were otheriniders trapped the two connecting cars on the stranded ride waiting to be rescued. firefighterrings rushed to the scene that pled ten people to safety. in all six people were hospitalized. no word yet on what caused that ride to malfunction. president trump m lots of news right n two impromptu appearances outside the white house. he first surprised fox and friends anchor steve doocy broadcasting ts morning from the white house. ging doocy a 35inute interview. the pvesident then movr to all the other networks there and talked with them for another 25 minutes or so. some of the headlines coming out of the prepped's comment officials at the fbi were plotting against his election. he would like to talk with special counselobert mueller but says the russia probe seems very biased and the president
9:26 am
so said north korea has started returni the remains soldiers still mis from the korean war. a big win for democratsth on baseball field. final score las night's charity congressional baseball game. democrats 21, republicans five. one year to the day after the shooting at a practice ialexan d wounded house majority whip he returned to makew a stopping play of the game. the annual b gamean in 1909. early morning fire autode er in northern virginia is now out and under control. the investigation userway after several vehicles werein g at ted britt chevrolet on route 7 in sterling. the fire also damaged parof the dealership building now fortunately no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused that blaze. andinally, its a long overdue honor for a hollywood legend. jeff gold blurring left his park on tinseltownhanks iconic roles in itike the fly, jurassicde park and indnce
9:27 am
day. but yesterday his brilliance was officially recognized with a star o the walk of fame and he marked the occasion as only he could. >> what is the appropriate way to celebrate jeff glad blum dayc >> i don't know ould be. let'sy go hereet to muse so and franks get the diplomat pudding with lots of spoons an martini the best in los angeluo get liq up and all go over to my house for a pool party. [ cheers and applause ] >> emily, come on. come on. they're hot. clothing optional. i got to get out of these hot duds andrew, come on. i g to. >> all rightta. goldblr is the,0 2 hun e. on the walk of f and you can catch glad blum in theaters next friday returning in the role of dr. iain malcolm. i think the one and only producer chris wrote that owed
9:28 am
to jeff goldblum. >> mysteriously chrisn't show up to work today. i think he's at pool party out in los angeles with jeff goldblum. >> with clothing optional choi choice. >> clothingional. >> chris is here. but he's a huge jeff goldblum fan. s he should be. hollywood stars.elmed by the >> it'sust a thing wis. >> i get it for them because it's a big honor for them but for me,. >> when you were there did you notta find one syou were i'll take a picture tfhis one? not one. >> i was a walking over there. >> did you see the other d paris jackson had to wipe the graffiti off of michaeln' jas star. >> it's hollywood boulevard. >> i know. >> this is not like a y museum. ou're walking on the ground. >> people walk on them all the time.eo ple's name on the ground in a star. >> i won't take a front. i will take a star. >> i would take one. i'm just saying the under well l well ming. >> at leastou that's. >> yre all in.
9:29 am
do not en front right now. >> we have stars in washington. what iat that the? in front of the warner theater the warner next to the nationa is thathe one here. >> i don't know that one. >> allison has a bust. >> you can get a locall one. >> take one on u street. >> okay. that would be cool. let'srom d.c. down to southern maland. it is a tradition and this morningucker tries it but this time it's n something he has to do. it's something he h to eat. >> ut-oh. we'll check in with the crew downou in st. mary's cy coming up next. >> mo, it's our song. ♪
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♪ st. mary's county in maryland we're at john g lancaster pgk. we're h a fantastic time and behind us the beats are the rhythm club om the spring ridge middle school. they are soalented. yeah. you seet. they're playing on buckets. that'smpressive. >> ♪ >> that's really great. >>ou're right. buckets and bigger buckets in the back. maybe you should give it >> i'm inspired. you guys are great. >> nicely done.& nicely done. we've got lots more coming ueap triesirst, it's time for tucker >> ut-oh. >> and thistt looks pre interesting. >> tucker?>> wesome. all right. it's time for brand new edition linda i'm rolling up myeves.
9:33 am
>> for tucker tries it obviously i've never done this before linda tell us what me and up standing member of the community are up t tay. >> this is maryland stuffed ham you can onlyet them in southern maryland we ghettoe from mccay's we stuff ther hams up a yeang mostly starting at thanksgiving.m we sell by the pound, by b the slice, whole. we can mail it to you o kay. >> it's a delicacy. >> i want to talk more about the ham in a second. fi -t- >> randy county commissioner president st. mary's ition in my family all my life. stuffed hamstr. ition northern part of county we use more kale than cao bash. hern part almost all cabagge e. >> where does thiad ham stuffing trion come from? >> we think probably wayack in the 16 hundreds. >> from the slaves where they hadlantations. whatev was left over the crops and meat they gave it to them and theyed s. it. >> it carried through. >> that was their dinners. >> it's fantastic. >> this is it. we'll stuff hams.
9:34 am
so this isbviously a ham. >>his is a fresh ham that's been soaked in salt, corn ham. >> you only find them down here inouthern maryland. >> we'll stuff this with cabbage, kale and onions. i do it with my hands. >> you stickanourds -- >> you see right here we slice holes into the ham. >> okay. two fingers deep. take this stuff it down in there. >> do we have to hook the afterwards. >> yes, sir.>> ut it down in that hole. the idea -- >> yeah. >> get seasonings in there. >> ham stuffing contests? >> oh, yeah. >> how dou win -- >> best tasting. >> that's a little juicy down there. >> the idea to getre all weight down as far as you can. >> linda that feels funny. >> seasonings aown there. it's lot of fun. >> how can you tell who got the best stuffed ham? the taste. >> the seasoning. >> you got to use pepper, sal i'm not tell. >> onions kale.
9:35 am
mustard see. >> tried mustard. >> okay. i'm stuffing the heck out of .this ham >> you're doing a damn good job. keep it going. look at that. i'm going to win. >> he's going to win. >> is this the finduct. >> final product. >> this is the final productth f stuffed ham and with all thede. >> sure. we'll make i s wasdwich so you can taste it. >> you promise.rd >> m or mayonnaise. >> i want to be able t taste the flavor. e done. >> then this is the final stuffed ham. >> the final. >> all right. thank you s much. >> thank you tucker. >> for joining me. i love the education on the ham.ed >> we love doing this. linda, thank you i'll taste this and toss it over to hometown hero. annie and tony, take it away i'm tossing it back inside. [ ughter ] >> annie, tony, wisdom, maureen, steve,ellison. love you tick of tucker>>. hat's going down that's my ybody.n. distracted by all that good fo food. >> i get it. double duty this morning fors li cafe. >> i love linda.
9:36 am
i do. >> in and out. it's all good. i 9:35 the time let's take a minute scene what is coming u fresh at 10a this morning we'ret all abo the world cup and music. we'r marking day two of the internatennal tournam with someal flavor. then r and b legendreddie jackson talks bybo to talkut his new album keeping it real with cheryl lynn she joins us live in the loft. >> wis we got to be real. >> we got to be real. >> i need an encore of that. >> i see what you did right there. 9:36. let's head back o to lexington park. annie and tucker first responders. always doing their best to keep us safe. all right. thank you guys. as always it's friday it' timefy several folks we want to talk about a couple things going on here in lexington park. to my immediate left this is brian dixon deputy chief three, is that right. >> yes, sir. what does thatn mean, i'm charge of station three down in electioning ton park area. >> gotcha. respsible for all the personnel there and units and respond t all the emergencies whether it's house fir vehicle
9:37 am
accidents, any type of extrications have. >> also. >> ride on theng units and everythind respond with them as well. >> we also have kyle adams here. who i the deputy chief with nine y correct. es, sir. >> all right. >> basically, the same a dixon here i have the same role at our california firehouse we have twv stations. >>y good. >> who are the members behind f? are theyrom your house? >> they're from both stations. >> okay. brought some of our uutakes we here. >> hello. >> whole bunch of other members here to comeut and supportthis . >> we want to talk about something very important it's your smoke alarm project it's interesting how this works. what you guys do. tell us about wt. >> sohat we do in our area for smoke alarm project is couple years ago we actuallyent around to all. our neighborhoods and walked around checked every single house in most of our ighborhoods to seef they had working smoke detecto around and we would install them for free for tm. we have quest on our website that any lives in our immediate respons area can go on, submit a request we'll have one of our members and smoke detectors they do t ten year lithium battery ones or the
9:38 am
d wirric ones or h >> that's great. >> that is great. i told tony on my most of the time when we're coming down here 75 miles by the way -- [ laughter >> we usually come down here f weather row lated incidents. talking water rescues flooding snowstorms that type of thing. do you feel like because you're part o the department down here you are faced with more, you know, incidents like that dealing wh weather related rescues>>? weather related incidents are big part of what we do. there's d cinitely a spike in alls any time there's any severe weather, thunderstorms, um, we've had a lot of rain here lately. >> yes. >> water has bnn issue. but the good thing i we have as you can see a good group o dedicated volunteers any time a call goe o, they step up to the plate.ta >> that'sstic. >> get the job done. >> peoplees do not hate to be part of the volunteer unit, >> not ats all. there' ton of benefits. go on our website and we got a recruitment page and itxplains all the benefits. it's not only the benefits of
9:39 am
helping your community, it' also a family atmosphere. 's one big family for sure. >> that's great. >>anuys we want tk you very much. >> thank you. >> run over he real quick. tell you about the st. my's co sheriff' department joinings captain steve hall, and tell a little bit about your guys and gals and what you do here in the communityel. l specifically i've got the gentlemen from the lexington park community team. we call it the cops union. and in 2013, the sheri selected verynique group o individuals to be imbedded in c thisommunity. they do everything from checking s to crime prevention programs, and gun safety all of that stuff is they are invested in theit coy, and they use other community oanizations like our fire department, our faith based community and other community leaders andembers to solve problems. they are the me in remedy.
9:40 am
they're an incredible group of people. >> that's great. >> we thank youh all very muc for the work do you. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate it.thank you vh it's good to talk to you this >> thank you. >> thanks for having us here. >> tha. you bring them in. we can't let you go -- come ba back. come on over here captain. we got some wonderful delicious doughnuts variety -- i don't know. what's your favorite doughnut, tony. maybe they'll let us have one. >> this wasn't idea. dunkin' donuts thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> eat up, everybody. hank you guys.we appreciate it. >> all right. back to you in the studio. tony, thank you ry much. it is 9:40 right now. good friend allon always willing to go above and beyond and i have been waiting for this day for so long. >> why? >> if you're wondering about this get up, oh, did i forget mething? i think i did. what did i forget. >> you forgot the pie f. >> iorgot the pie that we are going to be, um, celebrati with. in just a minute. >> got to be quicker than that.
9:41 am
>> listen there's a young girl fo's pie in tace challenge is actually helping safe mountain gorillas. these spaying it forward. al is the best we have at paying . forward don't you dare. go ahead ind tryt. see if it's good. ♪ get what you love for less at olive garden. early dinner duos for $8.99.
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choose from over 50 decious combinations and all the salad and breadsticks you want. fromhurry through it's early dinner duos, choose from over 50 decious combinations only at olive garden.
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♪ wellhile most kids are playing video games o catching a movie just doing w kids do this next youngady emphasis -- emphasis i should say on doing
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her part to make an impact on an area onhe o side of the globe. she's known as a hero but she doesn't wear a cape, instead ere's using her time and talent to help protect mountaino llas on the continent of day's pay it forward chose this sry of addy barrett maryland's gorilla hero. ♪ >> gentle, amazing. they're really amazing animals. >> if y speak to ten-year-old addy barrett you'll know right away she loves gorillas aem has no p telling you why. >>kt was this boohat i read. i think it was called something like endangeredr gorillas o something. it talked a lot about how these gorillas rlly need our help. >> that book spa a passion inside of tenn first grader addy she got home she took action. cardboard and i'm like, okay, i'm going to make this poster that says save the gorillas.
9:45 am
>> her mom took a picture posted it on socia media and it's beena bana ever >> justng back, it's like, w, i was in first grade and three years later now here i am and television. >> and o in thee web her gorilla heroes has raised over a thousand dollars. and this ferocious fundraiser shows she isn't a aaid to get. [ laughter ] >> addy modeled the pie in the als bucket challenge.after the each five dollar donation or t-chirt pure addy takes one for them. an effort that didn't go unnoticed. >> when other kids are playing video games or, you know, their attention span lasts f five seconds she been at this for three years. >> dianeab foss serd remember close.singer traveled to rwandau it was a very special time for him an keep sakehe he got on t trip needed to go to a real
9:46 am
gorilla hero. >> i particularly walkll a walking and intricately carved a gorilla on top. i used it to climb up and the mountains and down to where the gore little las were. when i wawhat addy was doing i wanted had err toave it. >> i'm trying to follow my dreams right n i and i hopet takes me somewhere cool. i hope i get to use it one day. >> and weope this gorilla hero gets to use it, too. ♪ right. is your heart bursting. i know it is because mine is we're so excited to have in mudio addy aom sarah. good morning. >> good morning. >> and before we just go, that's the actual walking stick. may io touch iti can show everybody? please d. >> it's so pretty. what did this mean to you whene th gentleman from the foundation gave it you? >> um, it was really interesting because at'sctually from rwanda and hand carved it's got all theseoo reallyl gorillas on it it's just -- it makes me
9:47 am
hope that one day i canctually use it and go and hiking in thnte mouns as well. >> i don'tnow if it's bec i'm a mom because it's friday an o i'm happyr whatever but you must be soll proud. me when you knew addy was entirely serious this wasn't just a passing fad? >> right. i mean she came to me all the way back in first grade with this idea that she wanted to be able to help these gorillas and it happened to be they were a favorite animal of mine, too, so i was on board, just thought i'll what we can do and yea after year she kind of maintained this passion. right. and reallyme wanted to do thing more than just, um, you know, study them herself she wanted to makere diffee. >> okay. there's a gala that's coming r . >> thaight. >> can you tell us quickly how about it and how we can get >> the best way to find it ross facebook. gorilla heroes allhe information you need.ut >> okay. >> that and we're looking just to get kidsxcs eed
9:48 am
about conservation as addy is. >> we're excited about your mission andoihat you're d i want to introduce us to our good friend joel bass sum with eastern automotive group joel this is amazing, right. >> it gives me goosebumps this little girl, young woman is j so involved with these world causes. doing. is easterns >> we got everybody the t-shirt so we can a part of the fundraising and donate 500 bucks to your gala. >> what >> we got a gift card for the whole family to go to dinner. we wand bytote helping the pod challenge keep >> this is what addy does. you buy a t-shirt for five dollars, and then addy takes a pie in the face. but we honor you much that today we are taking a pie in the face, right, joel. you tooight.u. >> i'm here to helpav. >> no you don'e to do it. come on joel. i have to be prepared because i actually still have -- may have the shower curtain. because i have to be back on the show. >> i get assisernce. >> h we go.
9:49 am
>> i'll do it. >> count of three. >> one, two, three! [ laughter ] >> okay. thank you terry. >> okay. thank you. i think she committedvery more than everyone else did.ut >> she absoly did. >> this is how much we love you. addy, good job>>. hank you sarah. i'm going to get you, terry. tucker, over to you. >>it's pretty good. >> okay. >> i told you allison goes above and beyond. listen tucker has got something tastier than the pie in the face. what do youuc got, t good morng. sir, we're on tv. we're ovn t right now. >> we're onv right now >> all right. it's time restaurant time i'm with blue wind and this is a family affair. tell me your name >> dan row bar chick. >> and this is. >> dana. >> yes, dad. related. >> dad, daughter and
9:50 am
granddaughter. right? >> hannah. >> and sir your name. >> nick. you're the manager. >> yes, i am. >> tell us aut blue wind. you guys are local. >> we absoluty are. dana is the owner and she owns twts restauran. the beanery and be wind gour good ahead dana. >> we're lated in lexington park just north of the base and we do a combination of coffee, chocolathop, gourmet wines, food. >> tell me about some of your food. you're near military base. anything that service psonnel like in particular when they come to your restauran? >> garbage sandwich for sure. >> garbageha sandwich. >> it what it's called the garbage sandwich. >> absolutely. what is in the garbage sandwich. >> ham, turkey, pulled pork, roast beef, bacon, barbecue sauce. >> that sounds, mozzarella, chedar and s cheese. >> funds of that sounds amazing. >> is the most popular items. >> we have our crabcake. >> tell us about your twist on the crabcake. >> our special crab sauce blend we make it blew wd quarter
9:51 am
pound crabcak with rem mew laud sauce on the side. >> nice shrimp salad. >> bocked lunches. >> you are a specialty shop and do you serve wine but you don't -- we're a liquor store. >> we're not a liquor store. gourmet wine and beverage shop along with sandwiches all of our wines are likeca anle product you're not going to find at your traditional store. we handle upscale alcohol items. your bourbons and things again are really hot right now. >> if i were to come over to your restaurant and drink the ole bottle would youing okay sir time to get out of here. >> we would go ahead and smile at you and say do you need a ride? >> because that's the way we are. >> okay. i love the name blue tell me where it came from. >> blue wind used toe a bike op where i bought my first ke back in t day we inherited the name. >> you guys are local. >> born and raised.. owned another restaurant for about 35 years. ourselves dana worked with me.
9:52 am
>> dana, what's the best part about being in thisommunity?eo >> gosh, tple for sure. the area surrounded bye.ater down her it's awesome. >> absolutely. beautiful blue wind your other p. >> the bean rewrite across the industry. >> she'll be running thingsre in th years. >> probably now. >> she's running it now apparently. thank you very much for joining me bringing out wonderful food. i'lls. drink we'll go to break. there thank you. >> thanks. moreni fox newsng coming up right after this break. >> thank you sir. >> appreciate it. >> thank you very mh. at children's national, stronger is caring
9:53 am
for a baby's heart in the na first 12 weeks of pregy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leadto healthier children. onit's being the number e newborn intensive carenit in the country. and giving parents peace of md. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on urs. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. thefor montgomery county endorsesecutive.lair "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality into a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attracting new businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic." "a proessive leader, for jool to fund scho without more taxes,
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to take on the nra and combat gun violence."n eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washinon post.
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>> wel it happens sometimes,we learn from the [ laughter ] >> coffee time on good d day.c. if you want one of coffee mugs i saw one of the ladies down i lexington park has her coffee mug with her. we have onwa to givey perfect for dunkin' donuts coffee just t enter the mug contest one lucky winner selected at random drawing. get the entry in by 11:00 o'clock this morning. >> all right. good. luck to you ♪ need a good get away. you can enter for fun filled experience your whole familiar confential enjoy.
9:56 am
>> we're shreking one lucky person to win four tickets to la ray caverns in virginia shenandoah valley valid through december 31, 21 prizeai has approximatel value of $112. go to or facebook page starting now thugh 11:59 p.m. and ent for a chance to win. >> within winner selected by random drang on june 18th. all entrants must be 18 yea of age or older. go >> we'll continue with the 10a as always but we have world cup action coming up right here on fox5. so flip it over to fox5 plus on channel 20 for world cup we'll discuss the world cup and also some pformances. >> freddie jac con. heryl lynn. >> it's on. >> we'll see you for the 10a next
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